Venus enters Sagittarius

Your fear of being hurt keeps you closed off from those closest to you. If you continue to hide parts of yourself from loved ones, they wont be able to truly understand you or provide support when you are experiencing tough times. November 8 Scorpios walk their own path in life, and, even if it is difficult, they usually resist help. They give advice rather than take it. They see life on a broad, episodic scale. They have a quirky vision that may not accord strictly with reality.

If you're in a current relationship, make an effort to work through a challenge that hinders your success in love. There is a need to try a bit harder than usual, but you can overcome the problems you face with conscious effort. There may be a false belief or someone is thinking one thing when it actuality it's another.

November 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Virgo, don't project. Sometimes feeling too much can make you feel insecure for no logical reason. You may not even be an insecure person, but there are moments when you wonder if you're where you should be in your relationship or with love. Emotions sometimes appear where you think they belong but they are a signal that something else needs attention.

Insecure thoughts can be an indication that you are ready to do something new and find a new way to experience the giving and receiving love.

Libra, love often arrives and leaves in extremes, but when you're in love, it's a time for balance. Someone may make you feel as though they are all in or all out when you're together. This can cause conflict and make you feel like you're not as important as you want to be. Have the conversation upfront and find out why things aren't the way they need to be so that you feel balanced in your love life.

If you're single, there may be more than one thing or person that's attracted your attention. It's difficult to get a grasp on your feelings, but to find the love you want, you'll need to reel in your heart.

Sabian Symbol

Scorpio, your hard work will pay off. You could be making an effort to be there for someone, or waiting patiently for love to come your way, and things take a positive turn in your favor. There may be work left to do, and doubts to overcome, but in the end it's worth it for you to be there.

If you're single or dating. You may need to take steps to put yourself out there to meet people. Sagittarius, do you feel like your feelings aren't being reciprocated? If you're putting in the effort but not getting back the same, perhaps you may need to let go of this situation. Distance can help someone else to see what they have and should appreciate.

November 8 Birthday Horoscope

If they don't, then you'll know you were in the right to move on. Capricorn, a relationship begins to settle down after an argument that may have triggered some worry.

November 8 Zodiac Sign

This is a good time to confront old addictions. Lucky number 7. Colour gray. Let go completed relationships or a home you have loved as liberation and new dimensions are waiting to be discovered. You may feel restless for a while and pay wandering visits to friends. Relationships are sensitive and need to be enthused with loving care.

Personal relationships are sensitive and difficult for a time as both partners seek independence, space and appreciation. Rather than control others, take this time to transform and heal yourself.

Today's Love Horoscope For Wednesday, November 8, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign

You initiate a current of energy to achieve success in a venture. Lucky number 2. Colour red. Personal relationships and equations have a special note of tenderness. Health problems need to be resolved or they can linger for a long time. A Taurus person supports you through difficult ventures and experiences. Meditation and inner tranquility brings peace. Colour white. Here is your horoscope for November 8, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. ARIES You can see that the old is destroyed but the new is yet to take shape so take a little time to look within for answers and make new beginnings.

LEO You need to view defeat or failure in a certain aspect from a higher perspective. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.